1. Company details

    approx 5:00 mins remaining

    Company Name will only be used to identify your results if you request a follow up conversation.

    Survey results may be reported in aggregate. But all individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

  2. Mindset

    approx 4:30 mins remaining

    Does your organisation evaluate and explore new product opportunities within its core categories?
    Does your organisation evaluate and explore commercial opportunities beyond its core categories? (e.g. creating new products / services in adjacent categories)
    Does your organisation evaluate and explore new opportunities beyond its core operating model? (e.g. route-to-market, business model and ways-of-working innovations)
    Does your organisation seek to understand future changes to its operating environment? (using e.g. scenario planning, future market assessments)
  3. Mindset

    approx 4:00 mins remaining

    Does your organisation look to continually challenge best practices and orthodoxies, as a basis for driving improvements?
    Does your organisation look for and welcome alternative views that challenge the status quo?
    Is data used effectively to challenge the status quo in your organisation? (as opposed to validating pre-held beliefs)
  4. Mindset

    approx 3:45 mins remaining

    Are customer needs accepted as the number one factor in decision making across your organisation?
    Do employees in your organisation interact with customers first hand, understanding their needs, wants and problems without intermediaries?
    Does your organisation evaluate and explore significant long-term shifts in customer needs and behaviours?
  5. Mindset

    approx 3:15 mins remaining

    Are your organisation’s current products and services true to your stated purpose?
    Does your organisation’s purpose articulate how it aspires to add value to customers’ lives in the future?
    Does your organisation’s purpose give you the space and opportunity to evolve into other markets and categories?
    Is the wider organisation engaged, excited and motivated to deliver the stated purpose?
    Does your organisation’s purpose shape the overall direction and strategic decisions of the firm?
    Does your organisation’s purpose impact day-to-day behaviours and decisions?
  6. Strategy

    approx 2:30 mins remaining

    Are your organisation’s long-term, strategic goals clear across the entire company?
    Are employees engaged and believe in your organisation’s long-term, strategic goals?
    Do shareholders buy into your organisation’s long-term goals and your plan to get there?
    Does your organisation allocate sufficient financial investment to future growth opportunities?
    Does your organisation allocate sufficient human resource to future growth opportunities?
  7. Strategy

    approx 2:00 mins remaining

    Is your organisation able to effectively pivot its strategic direction based on changes in the external operating environment? (e.g. new competitor entry, new regulation)
    Does customer insight play a central role in your organisation’s strategic choice of projects and initiatives?
    Are your organisation’s financial plans based on anticipated changes in customer behaviour?
  8. Operating Model

    approx 1:30 mins remaining

    Does your organisation’s financial incentive structure encourage long-term behaviours and initiatives?
    Does your company have a specific organisational structure that is focused on creating new growth? (e.g. a ventures / incubator model or satellite organisation)
  9. Operating Model

    approx 1:15 mins remaining

    Does your organisation take decisions quickly?
    Do leaders delegate accountability and ownership to their teams?
    Is your organisation able to move resources quickly in order address new opportunities and solve new problems as they occur?
    When creating a new product or service, is your organisation able to rapidly create a prototype (in order to generate immediate customer feedback and learnings)?
    Does your organisation use artificial intelligence / machine learning to aid decision-making and execution?
  10. Operating Model

    approx 0:45 mins remaining

    Is the customer owned and valued by all employees, regardless of seniority or function?
    Do employees define customer objectives in the same way, using a common language and set of definitions?
    Do senior teams (at corporate or business unit level) have a designated individual to champion the needs of customers?
    Are customer-centric employee training programs given priority across the organisation?
    Does customer experience or customer satisfaction play a role in reward and recognition?
    Does your organisation generate proprietary data and insight on customers (as well as relying on syndicated market research providers)?