Develop winning strategies that keep you ahead of competitor disruption.

Gone are the days where your competitor strategy meant keeping tabs on only a few major players.

Discover what it takes to beat the odds and thrive in an environment of fierce competitor disruption.

Rethinking Your Competition Guide Front Cover

A new methodology for navigating disruption

Competition now comes from all angles, creating a fierce battle for market share in increasingly fragmented markets.

To thrive, established companies must intelligently leverage competitor insights to address both established competitors and emerging threats.


Practical tools and frameworks:

  1. 1. The three dimensions of competitor disruption

  2. 2. A disruptor framework and recommended data inputs that will prioritise established competitors and emerging threats

  3. 3. Guidance on how to identify new consumer needs and problems by learning from your competitors

  4. 4. Guidance on how to define action plans that address both the threat and the opportunity to fuel further innovation and long-term growth

  5. 5. Three principles that will help you bring this new thinking to life in your organisation

  6. 6. Case studies of businesses who have thrived in an environment of competitor disruption

A step-by-step process for tracking competitor disruption

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