Navigating growth challenges on the road to £1bn

There are 3 distinct growth plateaus organisations face on the road to £1bn.

This research identifies the four common underlying reasons. And introduces the strategic and organisational behaviours required to manage effectively through them.

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Analysis of over 1,500 UK companies show 3 distinct growth plateaus on the road to £1bn revenue.

Only 5% of companies avoid these growth plateaus.

What’s inside the report?

We identify 4 main causes of growth plateaus and what the implications are for strategic leaders

  1. 1. Saturation: Successful products or services reach their peak sooner than expected.

  2. 2. Displacement: Disruptive new competitors undermine market position.

  3. 3. Misfire: New acquisitions or innovations underperform growth expectations.

  4. 4. Complexity: Legacy processes, systems and capability are not future-proofed fast enough to fuel growth.

Understand the secrets of sustainable growth and uncover what sets these growth companies apart

  • 1. Purpose: Clarity on the company’s reason for existence – the role the business plays for consumers, society and shareholders.

  • 2. Future Focus: To look forward and drive change. Investing and developing new growth engines alongside the core business.

  • 3. Adaptability: The ability to react faster and more effectively than competitors to changes in the marketplace as they occur.

  • 4. Customer Centricity: To identify current and future customer needs and leverage this insight to drive business performance.

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